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Level III PSG ( Sleep Study)


Level III Polysomnography ( Home Sleep Study)


Service Brief:

A screening tool for Sleep Apnea only, this test gets a good assessment of sleep related breathing disorders. This test is wrongly called Sleep Study as it cannot give a good assessment of an individuals sleep architecture and quality of sleep. Its extremely cost effective and is ideal for patients with a strong medical history of OSA who only require validation of the disease.


Service Duration:

Overnight. Technician reporting time is between 8-9pm. Kindly inform us if your sleep timings are a little different and we shall make arrangements accordingly. 


Key Features:

·       Technician does not stay overnight and leaves after applying the device.

·       Channels applied include Flow Pressure , Snore Mic, RIP Belt (Chest), SpO2

·       Protocols for testing based on AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) standards.

·       Detection of Apneas (Central, Obstructive, Mixed), hypopneas, RERA’s, Flow Limitation and Snoring.

·       Convenient and cost effective way of screening for OSA. The patient’s sleep is not disturbed as very few channels are applied.


Reporting and Validation:

Detailed diagnostic report prepared by RPSGT(Registered Polysomnographic Technologist) and validated by in-house Consulting Sleep Specialist. Reports will be generated within 2 working days.



Technical Staff:

Overnight Technical Staff include qualified nurses, respiratory therapists and trained sleep technicians. Staff is well trained in equipment handling, emergency management and basic life support. 


Service Location:

Patient’s residence.

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