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Level I PSG (Sleep Study)


Full Channel Polysomnography ( Level I Sleep Study )

Service Brief:

The Gold Standard Test for diagnosing most Sleep related disorders such as Sleep Apnea, Restless Leg Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, REM Behaviour Disorder etc. Detailed process to understand functioning of the body at night and identify any abnormalities. A Full PSG requires high level of training for both hook up and reporting. It is best advised to undergo a Full PSG in a certified Sleep Lab only.

Service Duration:

Overnight. Reporting Time is between 8-9pm. Kindly inform us if your sleep timings are a little different and we shall make arrangements accordingly. 

Key Features:

  • Home-Like sleep environment to reduce anxiety of testing and ensure patient comfort.
  • Channels applied include (EEG-central & occipital), EOG, chin EMG, ECG, Flow (Pressure & Thermistor), Snore Mic, RIP Belts ( Abdomen and Chest), SpO2 , leg EMG
  • Audio and Video monitoring may be included
  • Protocols for testing based on AASM ( American Academy of Sleep Medicine) standards.
  • Optional EEG channels (frontal, temporal, parietal) may be applied if required.
  • Detection of Apneas ( Central, Obstructive, Mixed), hypopneas, RERA’s, Flow Limitation and Snoring.
  • Detection of  neurological and cardiac abnormalities in sleep
  • Detection of limb movements.
  • Accurate staging of sleep and sleep architecture.
  • Each room is equipped with air conditioning and a private bathroom.  Fresh bed linen and toiletries provided to each patient. 

Reporting and Validation:

Detailed diagnostic report prepared by RPSGT(Registered Polysomnographic Technologist) and validated by in-house Consulting Sleep Specialist. Reports will be generated within 2 working days.

Technical Staff:

Overnight Technical Staff include qualified nurses, respiratory therapists and trained sleep technicians. Staff is well trained in equipment handling, emergency management and basic life support. 

Service Location:

Morpheus Sleep Centre or Morpheus Partnered Sleep Lab. You may choose the nearest available Sleep Lab.

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